…hear my voice goes to ones and zeroes

Current Tunage: Thrice – Digital Sea (Live)
Thrice’s recent live record is an exmaple of a live album done right – 25 tracks on 2 discs from 1 show, a DVD of the concert including an extensive and downright interesting interview with the band, and *excellent* recording quality. Not to mention they played a great show, very much like they always do (I need to see them live again!).

Posting more regularly is a promise I often make here, and it’s probably my most often broken promise (not that I break many, I hope). It would be interesting sometime to aggregate through all the last 5 years of posts and trace every broken promise to post more. Interesting, but largely meaningless.

I recently got sucked into the swirling nether vortex known as Twitter, and you can find me here, tweeting away. I figured that my compulsion to update my Facebook status deserved a more fitting arena for its execution. So far, I’ve been quite impressed. I love the adless, clean simplicity of it. I also love knowing what many of my heroes and inspirations are doing with their everyday lives (although that in itself makes twitter feel far more voyeuristic than Facebook has ever been, though I suppose the lack of photographs makes it less so in reality). This is particularly true when aforementioned heroes and inspirations are, for example, in the studio recording that new record, releasing an update to software I use regularly, or what have you. Knowing these things in realtime is handy-dandy.

So, shameless tweetvertising aside, life is good. This will be an update. In approximately a month and two days, I will be a university graduate. That much is certain, although it is contingent on my completion of about 7 odd projects, papers, and assignments between now and then, most of them sizeable. Foregone conclusions, though, eh?

Lately I, and my wife with me (usually), have been enjoying the swirling and ephemeral sounds of The Rocket Summer, Thrice, The Appleseed Cast, Mute Math, Mae, Celldweller, Nobuo Uematsu, and, on occasion, a little Underoath, Living Sacrifice, and Mars Ill. Oh, and I mustn’t forget Brandon Heath, Bebo Norman, Remedy Drive, Derek Webb, Aaron Shust, and whatnot.

Musical preferences aside, we’re as-they-say “chugging along”. Weekends are full of more happenings and happenstance than weekdays (and thus tend to be busier, if that were possible). I’m back to my old ways as part of the Worship team at our church, helping run Sound Tech a couple times a month – Mixing and Matching and Mastering and trying to Make-things-sound-real-good and such. It’s a fun exercise for my ears and (sometimes) my reflexes. Steph is back to her old ways teaching Sunday School once a month also. We’re really starting to feel like it’s “home”, friendships are starting to firm up, we’re starting to know most of the people by name (at least the major players), our small group has been an encouragement and a blessing, and we’ve been on the requisite dinner date (discovering friends who share our passion for 24, board games that are fun, good coffee, and doing life for Jesus). Not that we didn’t have friends like that already, but more is always good, ya?

With regards to my “second reformation” series, I do still plan to pick it up in some form. I suppose the problem is that views and thoughts are always evolving, and so unless one keeps at a body of work consistently, it can run away – or, better put, it can grow its own legs and mind and evolve into something beyond your control (kind of like children?). This is to say, in order to pick it up, I really need to map out where I want to go, decide what specifically I want to say (and to whom), and get my head around things. I also need to re-think what I want to call it – I’ve decided that Reformation is too strong a word for my thoughts (particularly after reading a few Emergent authors claim their movement is a new “reformation” – ugh). Perhaps it will be “Jerry’s Thoughts for the Future of Autonomous Local Churches (particularly the Open Brethren of Ontario)” or something, I guess that would be more specific, eh?

Musings aside, I’m in a good place right now. Small Group is starting into a study on the Foundations of Discipleship which PROMISES (indeed, all but GUARANTEES) revelations and challenges grandiose and meaningful. School plugs away; I can smell the finish line, I can see the work that lies before me, and I can know beyond a shadow that ‘this too shall pass’. Marriage is still the best thing on God’s green earth, and Steph the best Thing.

Jesus is sweet and terrible, wondrous and dangerous, full of majesty and full of ways to tear my Self apart… He’s “the Image of the Invisible God” and I love Him for it, even as He takes me, breaks me, and makes me something new again and again. Praise God for the Cross, the Life, the Way. Nothing else in this finite universe compares with the Infinite One.

Saturday morning (I mean afternoon) quibble: “Infinite One” is an oxymoron, but I’m overlooking that because it frankly doesn’t matter. God is One and God is Infinite. So, to call him the Infinite One is sensible even as it is a mystery and a challenge to my finite (grey) matter.