A triumph


Here’s another post, five years later. A personal blog / website kind of needs a reason to be, and this space hasn’t had that for awhile. All I can promise about what follows this sentence is that it’ll be earnest. Planned or well-put-together would be pushing it after all this time.

It’s funny now to think back to a decade ago, starting to blog when the blogging craze hit full steam, feeling a sense of purpose in doing it even though readership was probably like four people. Nowadays blogging can be lucrative business, but 99% of blogs likely go totally unread. Content drives readership, though, and so if you want eyeballs and mindshare you actually need to say something – preferably something challenging, helpful, thematically-tied, and so on.

Growing up I always looked forward to this time of life – young family, young kids, working hard all day and enjoying quality time with wife and fam-jam in the evenings. In retrospect, I’m kinda glad I did – meant I made some choices then that better prepared me for now. Some things can’t be prepared for, like how all-consuming having little ones can be.

Now, some of this is neglect on my part, but some of it is just reality for those who pour into their own – I’ve finished like 4 books in the last five years (since kid one came along), written just a handful of posts here, and for all intents and purposes whatever hobbies I had before have been left shelved during this season too.

It’s been worth it. Totally. But as worth it as it’s been… it’s been really, really nice lately to revisit old friends like the guitar, the written word, and (as of this post) putting thoughts to words.

I learned to play guitar ten or twelve years ago, mostly hoping it would impress the ladies (spoiler: it didn’t, not really anyway – though it may have had to do with my poor song choices… a little Dashboard Confessional heavy). Circling back to it now that there’s time to invest a little has been like rediscovering a lost limb. It was missing, it was needed, I survived without it, but it’s really, really nice to have it back and functioning. Helps that I’m not as bound-and-determined to try and learn metal songs on an acoustic guitar now, too.

I do quite a bit of written words and other creative outlets at work. That’s really sated my most urgent need for such, and I’m thankful for it. It’s been actually really fun to re-discover and re-develop dormant skills in graphic design, photography and videography… not to mention brainstorm concise, clear terminology (technical or otherwise) to help people understand core concepts of what we do. Challenges abound, but the fun kind – the kind you get energized by. Having been at MSC now for over three years, one of the best things about it by far has been the front-row seat to seeing an historic institution (75 years this year!) successfully navigate the massive undertaking of adapting to modern methods without sacrificing core identity components. The determination to not just survive but thrive is an important thing – anything can survive a long time in cruise control, but to risk and push and strive for excellence is in another echelon of living and being. I’m glad to serve in a place where thriving matters.

Isn’t it funny just how true all the cliches about time going by so quickly are? It’s Christmas again, we’re already fifteen years into the “new millenium” and we now carry supercomputers in our pocketses. We call them phones, but if you’re like me, it’s much more a pocket computer than a phone. Phone calls are so last millenium!