…thirty years of bad hair that nobody cares about

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It’s strange to me to hear a recorded song that up until now I’ve only heard in church. Usually it’s the other way around.

I was introduced to Dr. John Piper when I was in Bible College and his manifesto on Christian Hedonism (“Desiring God”) was our text for Spiritual Life Emphasis week. The book for me was a turning point, speaking of my long-held faith in terms I’d seldom heard used in association with it, and suggesting a worldview far larger and more encompassing (and satisfying) than what I, in my childish understanding of Scripture, could have fathomed prior.

I recall with some fondness that back in my second and third years of University, I would often listen to JP (as I sometimes affectionately refer to him) on the city bus as it took me to Trent’s Symons campus, headphones square on my head… with Bible in my lap. Amidst all the plethora of delicious hyphenated adjectives (ie. “Gospel-soaked”), I found my heart caught hold of just a small glimmer of the power that the faithful preaching of scripture can exert.

This morning I had the privilege (and I mean that) of reading an account by Justin Taylor of how God called Dr. John Piper into the pastorate thirty years ago today. Something in me surged as I read this. Have a look, you might just find that your response is quite the same: 30 Years Ago Today: How God Called John Piper to Become a Pastor.

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  1. I've been thinking a bit about a second annointing and it is thrilling to read that and see the clarity which God can use to lead us.

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